Friday, December 6, 2013

I am a part Singaporean lah! : Chapter 1

Experiencing writer's block, yet penning it down.

Every new step in life I take, I am a different person. In these past few months of being in Singapore, I have undergone tremendous amelioration. In fact, I quite resemble the Shreya I was back in school, but more in control and like a friend commented, I've grown as a person ( in age, too :P) since then. I feel I was quite vapid back in college and extremely serious and partially blame the influence of others upon me. But ever since I came to NTU, I have been living it up. To me, this is LIFE. The last time I really LIVED was back in the 10th standard, in boarding school, Gangtok. I haven't been able to get over it. Until now! 

In Singapore, I've realized so many things. That every far-off relative, every random acquaintance and most importantly, every friend counts. That it's alright to be alone sometimes, most of the time, not all the time. :P That it's worth it to go that extra mile for the people who matter, however much they have wronged you and vice versa. That caring about what the world thinks is overrated. That you are completely sane to be depressed/ frustrated sometimes, blame it on the 'Island Fever' (although the term actually means a psychological illness suffered by the poor people of Hawaii as they feel they are trapped in the island. :P) That being smart is not as vital as being diligent and extremely interested, even though it helps. That even if your direction sense is negative ;), you will never get lost. If you do, someone will always find you :) (literally and figuratively). That technology can conquer the world. That it's okay to be missing your country at times but abnormal to be missing it constantly. 

And the novel experiences! The incredible and each time unique orchestras, concerts and live performances. Grand fireworks on almost all special occasions except Diwali (Oh irony!). Ice-skating. Kayaking. German Beer. Exciting new food items. First part-time job ( and hence first salary). First paid internship. The new 'good friends'. First foreign friends. Like I said, writer's block! Or maybe I am just too overwhelmed to write uninhibitedly. For these past few months, I have LIVED, my friend.
Shaw Foundation Theater

Clarke Quay- the place I've been to the most so far.

Kayaking- the dream came true after all

The accidental affair- Ice Skating/falling

Like I said- Fireworks


We have a beautiful pool at NTU

Not so beautiful lake, though, and rumored to be haunted

Birthday treat


My extremely random and only non-NTU friend



  1. As you say-" young, free and wild"..I totally get what you are feeling.
    Loved the post SD
    xo sabbi