Saturday, January 4, 2014

Shreya Sharma

Is it because it's her birth month? Is it because I'm reading a book written by her cousin brother which is based in Gangtok and brings me an insurmountable amount of nostalgia mostly of her? Or is it because we haven't properly communicated for as long as I can remember? Maybe it's all of the above which makes me miss my namesake so much. You see, it's not just a name that we share. Our bond is unbreakable. In the past 6 years, I've met her just twice for a short duration, we haven't talked over the phone except "Hi, happy birthday" for a year and a half. And still our friendship remains.

Shreya Sharma a.k.a. Phhuchchu a.k.a. Baby Doll (called with sarcasm) despite having the same name is so darn different from me, in both behavior and appearance- she, the cheery, friendly and not-a-care-about-the world one and me the poker-faced, introverted and trying-not-to-care one; she the short, fair, cute one and me the tall, dusky, geeky one. One, never falling and another unfailingly in love (and changing with season). One a pure veg and another who can't live a day without non-veg food. One allergic to drama and another a drama queen. Yet, so similar. Both extremely talkative among their friends, overly annoying and pretty smart. Both sharing the same love for books (non-academic, of course), cute kids (only cute kids, mind you), sarcasm, Arjun Rampal and momos. Both highly repelling 'chamelipan' or 'naekami'. Both extremely attracted to slapstick humour - she the "laugh-er" and I the "cracker".

No we've not been mates since we were toddlers, no she was never my 'best friend' and no, I don't know where she is now and what she's doing. All I know is that she's my long distance friend and you see, it's not just a name that we share.

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