Friday, September 23, 2016

Ten Terribly Tiny Tales (Part 4)

Arthritis kicked in at 60,
Dementia at 70,
When he made it to the roof,
His rapture made him feel like the king of the world.

ACs are for the rich,
Equatorial country,
A 3-generation old induction motor,
The fan's going to stay, just like the perennial summer.

He was a wild one,
His father warned, "Don't go into the woods!",
The thicker he went, the more leeches he attracted,
The more he saw himself bleed, the more alive he felt.

Small black beads strewn across the living room,
The thread which was holding them lying on the floor,
"This is over", she screams,
Despite his promise, the house smells of nicotine.

Incessantly fighting, they never accepted their friendship,
"I'm moving to New York", she told her,
"How lovely it will be to never see your face again!"
Both smiled, already feeling a hollow in their hearts.

His swimming-schooling must've been on point,
All of 21, he beat the greatest swimmer in recent times,
Phelps needed a moment, LITERALLY, to catch up. 

Her finger felt heavy,
It was supposed to bring fortune,
Broken dreams, heart and family,
She let the ring flow with the river.

They say it'll cause cavities in your teeth or give you diabetes,
They say it'll make you fatter,
They know nothing about chocolates,
The bitter it is, the better.
An action film, a popular hero,
Yes he is called a "hero",
Not just in the story-line, but also in reality.
I'm just his stunt-man.

"Wings are made to fly", said the Little Mix lyrics.
Say that to a hen, or an ostrich, or a penguin,
Say that to a caged bird,
And say that to a woman who sacrificed her dance career for marriage.


  1. KAH yo! Specially liked Bleedage, Stuntery and Fingeroon, the darker ones...

  2. Replies
    1. My favourite-est is 'Wings'. Sad but true.

      Frog, sadness is human emotion. Embrace it if and when it comes. If you want only happy emotional displays, maybe just read/ see Facebook posts and pictures XD

  3. Awesome girl. I like the Wings and Hollow the most, of all the greats.
    Keep going