Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ten terribly tiny tales

Dark as a pit,
Bitter as neem leaves
Empty stomach, with a palpitating heart,
Coffee was her drug.

Beautiful liar, that one,
Thought her looks could kill,
He was blind, she didn't know,
He fell for her words.

Mother went to heaven - they said.
Hope she's back soon- said she and ran out.
The little one just wanted to play.

Dejected by everyone,
School, college, university.
He didn't care.
He weighed 140 kilos, and in love, with food.

It's tomato sauce, they exclaimed.
He smiled and said, "Believe what you want."
It was blood, the artist wanted his 'bloody' Oscar.

'Assam' said Barman.
'Darjeeling' said Bhutia.
'Munnar' said Thomas.
'Illam' said Khatri.
Chai was a 'hot' topic.

How long is forever? - he asked.
Only a while. - she grinned.
That did it.

She loved all things bizarre,
'Cause she too was in a similar category,
Squid ink pasta was her favorite.

Roses should be banned,
pontificated the rude boy,
like his childhood home,
they had many pricks.

False teeth, 83, diabetes,
Rasogolla can take a hike,
She wants liquor chocolates.