Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ten terribly tiny tales - with these I'll have written 60

As usual, I got these words from the "Terribly Tiny Tales" Facebook page. Here we go:

Stranded in an island,
He found a basketball and a pen,
Few squiggles later, the doll was his only friend,
Till they found him after four years.

While we were growing up,
We used to cry when we skinned our knees,
Little did we know, that 20 years on,
Physical pain is not going to be our biggest fear.

A baby who talks with a British accent?
A dog who has a human son?
A dad who keeps coming back from the dead?
"It's the perfect combination for a perfect show!"
They said in unison, as they bonded over Family Guy.

We really live in a planet of the apes,
Apes staring at their phones sitting on Senior Citizens' seats while old men gape at them,
Apes staring at their phones when a young girl has fainted in front of them,
Apes staring at their phones while their children talk to themselves.
Apes aping each other.

"Lights will guide you home." - Coldplay.
Alas, this line doesn't work for the blind trying to cross the road,
Nor does it work on the refugees who have forgotten their nationality,
Nor on an Alzheimer's patient who is on the streets searching for something even he doesn't know.

Never had she realized in 30 years of her colorful life,
That the same thing that may drown you,
May also set you free,
Until the swimming instructor pushed her into the pool.

Some brothers are by blood,
Some by friendship,
And there some special ones, whom you see in movies,
Who you would love to hang out with,
But never meet.

"Have you seen him groom his eyebrows?"
"Yes, I've seen you do the same."
"He even uses fairness creams."
"So do you!"
"But he's a guy!"
"Where's your 'Gender Equality' now?"

'I'll build you a castle', he told her.
Married another soon, and then another.
Having built an empire and a tower with his name,
All he now wants to build is a wall.

Once, when she was a child,
She decided to page her mother,
"We're out of sugar."
The reply was: "I'm the bread-winner of the family. Win the sugar for us, darling!"
That day saw the making of an independent young lady.