Friday, August 25, 2017

Ten Terribly Tiny Tales - Part 7

Three pairs of clothes, a fiddle and a book on chords,
is all he possessed,
Five years later, he's stuck in traffic after his own concert,
With his voice as people's ringtones!

"Ah, respite at last", she exclaimed,
Tasting the snow flakes with her tongue,
"You must be from a tropical country!
Because respite to us is when the sun turns ice to water
and the fields are full of food again."

Classic example of "you can even be lonely in a crowd."
When the boss eats lunch, he's solitary,
When he drinks coffee in the pantry, he's solitary,
45 hours a week, he feels isolated,
Workplace loneliness is a real problem.

"Remember in junior high,
You used to embarrass the teacher by comparing him to this lousy singer?"
Secretly delighted, recalling all her shenanigans in school, she says,
"Nope! You only remember what you want to remember."

"I love to travel", he said in his interview.
Twelve countries in a year was a new record,
A traveling job is all he had ever wanted,
While one less candle burnt on Diwali back home.

Eight year old, but he already knew what crushes are,
He was one of the nerdy-birdies, she the most popular girl in class,
When she bid goodbye with a kiss on his hands, he felt popular too.
Twenty years later when they met, nothing had changed.

Marinated, grilled, devoured!
"Nah, this doesn't taste great", his friend said.
Marinated, slow-cooked, consumed the next day!
All the flavors and aromas infused, leftovers are better.

When Sarah called him up and asked,
"What's up?", he said, "Nothing."
Half an hour later she received a text,
expressing his eternal love for her!
These days, words unsaid are not necessarily words unexpressed.

The spectrum of your worth to others,
lies in the minds of the beholder.
Don't sweat it!
It can be anything from "you're ordinary"
to "You're a wizard, Harry!"

"Drink and drive, you won't survive",
said the highway signs!
"Drink and express your feelings,
and that's pretty much the same thing",
she thought to herself.

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