Monday, July 30, 2012

Snow Lion Restaurant (Hotel Tibet) - Review

It is undoubtedly my favourite eatery in Gangtok. Situated on Paljor Stadium Road, the restaurant is vaguely out of the way and yet just a ten minute walk from M.G. Marg. I have been visiting it since the 8th standard, initially with parents when we used to dwell in Gangtok and subsequently with my college friends who had only agreed to come the first time at my insistence and persistence. Yesterday I visited the diner with a mix of both school and college friends and the food was as usual unmatchable. 

The ambience of Snow Lion Restaurant is appreciable- with cosy four or eight seater dining tables. The cost per head is pretty reasonable and the taste of the delicacies remarkable. Initially we ordered for my usual front-runner choice 'Chicken Wanton Soup' as an appetizer while some friends ordered 'Hot and Sour Soup'. You'll find the best wanton soup in the world in Snow Lion, with liberal amounts of wantons with liberal amounts of chicken in your soup. Ethereal as usual, they were! Then we ordered Veg. Sizzler and Mushroom Chilli for my vegetarian friend, Chicken Chow Mein, Shredded and Sautéed Pork and Baked Fish. Thanks to my friends' orders I came to know that sizzlers are best to be avoided and mushroom chilli and sautéed pork to be given a thumbs up. The baked fish was the show-stopper and you can vouch for me to order that if and when I go there next. There were six of us and the expense roughly added up to Rs.230 per head.

The other specialities include Chicken Momo, Chicken Drumstick and Chinese Rice Dishes. It is worth a visit at least once and highly recommended for gluttons as well as connoisseurs of food. I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5. 


  1. grt post..:)
    definitely going nxt sunday..:P
    xo sabbi

  2. I loved the baked fish...:p

  3. The food looks good and tastes better. But Wanton Soup is way better than Hot and Sour, Dky. :P

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