Thursday, July 26, 2012

Street food @Kolkata

Recently I came across a list of 'top ten cities with the best street food' in the internet and was shocked to not find Kolkata on the list. Shocked, I say, because for me it'll always be at number one: in taste, quantity and price, maybe not in hygiene. Here is a list of a dozen most popular street food found in Kolkata:

1)Phuchka: Called as Golgappa in North India and Pani-puri in the West, they are at number one.

2) Telebhaja: This includes all the deep-fried savouries such as chops, cutlets, Fuluri, Daaler Bora, pakoras, (both veg. and non-veg.) etc.

3) Jhalmuri: It is puffed rice mixed with spices and vegetables.

4) Kebabs and Kathi Roll: You'll see innumerable stalls selling 'Chiken', 'Morton', 'Bheg', 'Poneer' and 'Dimer' roll (chicken,  mutton, veg., paneer and egg rolls) on the streets. The kebab used in the meat rolls can be consumed separately as a snack.

Kathi Roll

5) Singara and Kochuri: Some of the only salty delicacies found in a sweet shop.

6) Mughlai Paratha: Parathas stuffed with potato or meat and laced with egg.

7) Chow-mein and chilli chicken: Cheap and scrumptious Indo-Chinese meal.

8) Bhel-puri and Chaat: Though Bhel Puri and Batata Puri are originally Maharashtran dishes and Chaat is more widely sold in North and Central India, these items are fairly popular in Kolkata.
9) Momo and thukpa: Tibetan treats being among Calcutta's favourites.

10)South Indian food: Many stalls sell tasty Idlis, Dosas and Vadas at dirt cheap prices.

11) Chilla: My favourite, but not so popular with the general public, it is basically a vegetarian omlette using Besan (chick-pea powder) instead of egg.

12) Fruit juice and fruit stalls: Being predominantly a hot and humid city, fruit juice (mostly sugarcane or Mousambi juice) stalls and cucumber, guava and Kaalo Jaam vendors sell stuff like hot cakes in Kolkata.

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