Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alma Mater

New people. New denizen. New environment. Academics. Road trips. Library trips. Eating out. Midnight snacks. Cooking endeavours. Cribbing about mess food. Birthday and other treats. Teeny weeny crushes. Mocking teachers. Respecting and admiring them. Being in their good/bad books. Classmates. Class/Departmental get-together . Random acquaintances. Movie nights. 'Gossip times'. Not so hot 'hot news'. Rivals. 'Frenemies'. Friend-turned-strangers. Examination blues. Mass bunks. Studying. Unending fests. Winning/ losing competitions. Bouts of homesickness. Monotonousness. Impatience for impending vacations. Riots, road blocks and earthquakes. Lifelong friends. The good and the bad times.

No matter how much one hates one's college, he/she has fond memories attached to it and will eventually miss it. Now that this is my last semester in this institution, I too will sorely miss my Alma mater, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology. Though many individuals have succeeded in tarnishing the reputation of the college, many have also made it proud. Every individual (including me) has contributed in some way or the other in building what the college's image is today and many have also contributed in shaping up my personal character. The list of people to thank or blame is endless. I just want to express my gratitude towards all my friends for loving me because of and despite who I am and to all my rivals/ those who don't like me much for showing me that 'I must have done something right'. 
 College BFFs
 Departmental BFFs
Annual Day, 2012.
There's an idiot in the classroom.
 The only Diwali spent in college till date 
The 'Gandhiji ke teen bandar pose' at Mayfair 
One identical twin feeding the other cake
The Changu trip
Back in first year when we were all 'Seedha Bachchas'


  1. this post is making me feel nostalgic and old! 4th year already! cheers for a wonderful last semester!:)

    1. Cheers to you too. I am trying reminisce only the good memories for now. We are old aunties already mannnnnnn. :P

  2. love the post..we really r getting old..:(
    n did i clickd that stupid photo of urs..??:P
    xo sabbi