Monday, February 3, 2014

The journey is the destination!

Malaysia trip, January 2014, in pictures! (As I spare no detail when I write, and sometimes there's no fun in that)
Cuz we love our selfies!


Life is but a dream

Looks like we are ready to camp

Nom nom, satay!

One of the oldest rain forests in the world 

If you need to contemplate about the universe

Enigmatic, boogey-covered orang asli baby

Everyone loves a cute kitty


Fruitless and fun-filled night safari


Distasteful lunch

Time and tide wait for none

Proving a point is what we love!

weirdo tapir

the female and the male

drama in the jungle too

stick insect

Brave boy :P


Civet cat caught our eyes


Invisible thinking cap

Bird's eye 


Seeing and showing-off

The gang- yo!

Viewpoint view

An attempt to be as enigmatic as the orang asli kiddo

Result of our ragging

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