Friday, February 7, 2014

The Best Friend

This is not just about a particular person, it's about all the best friends I have / I've had in life. They say, you should just have one! But when you're on the move every few years, it's hard to determine who's going to steal the show forever. I do have two such people who in all probability may make it till 'forever', though, Shiwangi and Swarnali. Now Shiwangi is the sweetest girl who has done me innumerable favors which I can't ever repay in life. We came to be friends about 7 years back and her position in my life has remained undeterred. With Swarnali, on the other hand, things are slightly twisted. My mother only recently came to know that we are best friends even though we've been so for more than 4 years and was flabbergasted beyond measure, as if I've hidden the darkest secret in my life all along. The reason: we have been at loggerheads with each other so many times, not spoken for months on end and judged each other like nobody's business. But we've also been through thick and thin, each other's partner-in-crime, in school, tuition or otherwise. And the greatest thing is, we've never really presented our 'mature adult' (if there IS any) self to each other till date. There have been others too who've momentarily coined/ been coined the term 'best friend'. The list is endless - Radhika, Meenakshi, Dibya, Sanjna, Yuhina, Meghna, Shreya Sharma, Prezona, Rounak, Satyam, Sabiha, Shaloma, Uttari, etc., etc. each of them situational BFFs and some, still cherished. Now, of all the pals I've made, why have only these few made it to the list is the big question? Now, who exactly is a best friend? Back in college, most of my hangouts have been with my roommate, among others. Yes, we've been good friends, still are. Many have pointed at her and asked, "She's your college BFF, right?" And each time all they heard was denial. They've pointed to Gauraang and exclaimed, "But he's your EE BFF, right?" Denial one more time. So, it doesn't matter how long you've known a person, how often you've hung out, how much you've not had fights or fall-offs, been in touch, the BFF or as it is in my case, BFFA (Best Friend for a while), can only be the one whom I personally am fond of the most, unconditionally. Because, despite 100 wrongs, they must have done something right!