Saturday, July 16, 2016

10 pictures taken in the past one year that sum up my love for travel

I agree the title of the post is extremely Buzzfeed-ish but I just couldn't resist posting this. Here are a bunch of pictures taken by family and friends over the past 12 months that remind me of one word: "Wanderlust"!

July, 2015

"Everyone is traveling": Every family member of my friend Roshini was traveling at that time and hence she was overcome by the desire to do so herself. I was dragged along as travel companion to one of the nearest Indonesian islands to Singapore. Even though we had a tryst with Bintan only for the weekend, we had quite a lot of rather "interesting" experiences.

September, 2015
Retard: My folks and I traveled to Spain and Portugal for a fortnight in Autumn of 2015. This picture is taken in Salamanca, a Celtic city in Spain full of castles, towers and churches. You can see my dad annoyed  at my cliched jumpshot pose walking away in the background.

Seagull be like whaaaaat: In the coastal town of Cascais, Portugal just after I tried to sneak in to a hotel restaurant to relieve myself in their loo but eventually had to use the public restroom for 1 Euro.

December, 2015

West Bengal
Amidst the Kopibaari: The first leg of my trip to India was to my hometown, Siliguri after two years. This is not too far from the town in field next to where my parents recently bought a plot of land.
Rey and the haystack: My sis-in-law wanted a picture on a haystack to generate a picture with that "rustic feel" of rural North Bengal. I followed suit, my brother obliged. In the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, Dooars is rich in tea plantations, wildlife, simple people and good food.

Shady business: In Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Sabiha's iPhone took better pictures than my Powershot camera. This is one of the only comparable pictures from my camera to her super-bright iPhone pictures. Let's just say I was mildly green out of envy in the Blue City.

Tip of the sand dune: This picture is one of the happiest. A bunch of Banjara women approached us and started singing and dancing amidst the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. The one who is forcing me to dance in the picture was sort of scary with blue eyeliner on her lips demanding more tip than what we gave her later on.

January. 2016

Pose a million times: Was in Bangalore for Spoorthy's wedding which is evident from the Henna on my hands which was yet to darken. Had to check out the much talked about Nandi Hills and Felix made it possible, both the trip and the photograph. Of course, Pauline and Fabien were good company as well.

March, 2016
Creepy cutout: This is on top of the tallest hotel in Bangkok, Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Who better to go to Bangkok with for Thai food and shopping than my mom who shares my love and taste for both!

May, 2016
Birds of paradise: Carey Island, less than 60 km away from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a birdwatcher's paradise and popular among fishermen. I had gone there for the long weekend in May this year.

Until next travel plan execution!


  1. Omg you make me so jealous! Plus I am so going to copy this idea on my blog...and I could almost hear you narrate the article out loud!

    1. Hehe u too make me j when you go to all these fantabulous restos in Kol. Lovely work on your blog and looking so pretty in the latest shoot. And yea u can copy, no worries :)

  2. Hahah now you too got an super awesome phone. We need to plan our next trip after I reach Blore. Love that jump shot frm Portugal :*

    1. "An super awesome phone" kya hota hai Sabbi :P. We shall plan for next year and I shan't be ashamed of planning it too soon :D

  3. Nooice didn't think you had travelled a lot this year.. KAH tere pics, but September and March capture your essence.

    Your horoscope for 2016-17: A travel-filled year lies ahead, but there might be some hyperventilative obstruction from a fellow foodie.

    1. Fellow foodie will be like, "Don't go away, your reward will be VeganBurg for which you can self-pay and prove that you're an independent woman." ;P