Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Luck to me is?

Not long ago, we had this event, TedX NTU in our university where the theme was 'The Luck Factor' where historians, philosophers, biologists and psychologists talked about various angles of luck. Each individual in the audience was given a tag to stick on their arm where our name and 'Luck to you is:' had to be entered. This got me thinking- What IS luck to me? On retrospection I figured that it has meant everything to me so far. I mean, I'm a girl with no exceptional talent or intelligence. I'm not innovative nor do I possess a heart of gold to commit to charity.

Yet, I possess what many with the above mentioned qualities do not even dream of. I AM lucky to have doting and well-off parents with whom I've seen places my friends haven't had a chance to; who have contributed/ willing to contribute so much on my education; who are extremely modern in attitude (sometimes even more than I am) to not have any restrictions upon me, as long as I'm not surpassing boundaries/studying properly. I AM lucky to be endowed with a loving (and sometimes, ignorant), perfectly disciplined and successful elder brother whom I idolize - one who makes me ponder "Hey that could be me in a few years!" Yes I AM lucky to be friends with some remarkable people- some overachievers, some with such beautiful souls guiding me through thick and thin, some incredibly funny and fun ones and some close to the heart for life. In fact, sometimes I feel that I have so many friends that I have none at all (which is sad :P).

If it was not for LUCK, I wouldn't be born a Bengali. Even though I'm a non-singing, non-epic-movie-directing, non-Nobel Prize winning Bengali, I take extreme pride in my roots. (and I'm NOT undermining other cultures/ nationalities.) If it was not for LUCK, I wouldn't have been able to reside in fantastic places such as Pokhara, Sikkim, Siliguri, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. If it was not for LUCK, I wouldn't have been repeatedly getting whatever questions I studied as the questions in the exams and aced (very lucky indeed). If it was not for LUCK, I would have missed many important journeys in life, had I not come across that one person who helped me to undertake the journey. If it was not for LUCK, I wouldn't have been studying in NTU. If it was not for LUCK, I would cease to exist.

Someone once said, "The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself." True, to some extent I have created my own LUCK, as for the rest, I guess I've just been lucky. ;)

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