Monday, September 30, 2013

The Wish-list

It's the beginning of recess week and already half the semester has gone by. Time really flies!! If I am able to complete my course in 1 year, then I've successfully already completed 1/4th of my post grad. Here’s my wish-list after convocation (when I’ll have to and get to behave like a real grown-up):
1)     Get a great job: I wish to acquire a job and position which is related to Power Engineering, demands relevant contribution from me and satisfies me. I mean, that’s why I've taken up this course, to do what I’m interested in and to start my career with a great first experience:  maybe as a power quality engineer or working in the field of renewables. For now, all I can do is hope! 

2)     Get a great place: Home is where the heart is. With the high accommodation costs in SG, a fresh post-grad can hardly boast of a seaside view or a personal swimming pool. All I wish for is a denizen that gives me peace of mind and has a fairly decent location/environment.

3)     Treat my family to something grand: Each one has high expectations from me. Fingers crossed, I don’t want the look of disappointment on their faces.

4)     Explore South-East Asia: That’s the main one. I want to save enough that’ll let me see the sights of Angkor Wat in Cambodia; Chiang Mai in Thailand; Bali, Indonesia and be enlightened about the lesser known countries for me- Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam, etc. I know it’s too much to wish for but even 3 countries in 3 years of bond period will satiate me.

5)     Learn German: German football team DFB (particularly, Miro, my hero), German sausages and now German beer, I've always had a fascination towards the country. Been there too! But there’s so much more. I look forward to working in the country one day, but that would call for another wish-list. For now, I would like to take up a course (for which I can pay through my own salary) in German which would allow me speak fairly fluent German. Knowing 5 languages isn't enough for me apparently, nor is the book “German for Dummies”. ;)

6)     Fall in love: Not with movie/TV stars, sportsperson or musicians; but with a real person. Not silly one-sided crush, but serious 2-sided LOUW!!

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