Friday, May 28, 2010

Driving Lessons

DAY 2: Yay! I'm learning to drive. In another 13days, I'll get my license. Now, I know what a clutch does and what the different gears mean! The clutch provides driving force to the driving mechanism. In other words, its just the antonym of a brake, which inhibits motion. And gears change the speed, magnitude, and direction of the power source.
Today was my second day and I did pretty well, I guess, because an auntie sitting on the backseat (who is a co-learner) was telling her son, "Yo baini le kya majja le gaari chalaaunchha." ("This girl drives so well.")...Hehe! Well, though it requires a lot of concentration while driving and I have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go for the driving sessions, I'm loving it! In few days presumably I will be an acceptable car-driver! After all, all that's left is to master reverse driving :D

DAY 3:
Yesterday was a Sunday and I had no idea that we don't have classes on Sundays. So, I went carrying my brand new polka-dotted umbrella at 6 in the morning to the pick-up place and stood like an idiot and came back after waiting for half an hour! Today, I was taught by a different instructor and hated him because I figured that he's the 'interfering' kind! He grabbed my hands many a time to show me how the gears are moved and I hated that! Plus, he interfered with the steering wheel. I didn't like driving today!

DAY 4 & 5: Day 4 and 5 were uneventful except the fact that I almost hit a bus on day 4.

DAY 6: Yay! The instructor praised me. He said, "You're driving well today!!"

DAY 7: Well, the session didn't go all that well because it was raining cats & dogs that day! To top it all, I got wet head to toe!

DAY 8: That stupid kid aged 14 whose is a co-learner hit a Bolero. Thankfully, nobody was hurt!

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