Sunday, December 20, 2009

I like my college.

I've not written a blog for ages, so my mind is completely blank. I have no clue about what I should write. So, here I am, an aspiring engineer, who has just completed her first semester of B.Tech., trying to figure out what to write on her blog. I guess I'll just write about my views on SMIT, my college!

At first, I liked the place, and the reason being, all my close pals choosing to study in it, too. Then a few left and I fought with the rest one or two and I hated the place. Then I still hated the place though I made up with the 'rest one or two' as this place seemed like a jungle to me. Often there is no mobile network and you can't contact anyone for hours, even days. The television was taken away by the L.R. and our sections were changed so we had a hard time coping up.

But now I 'kinda' like this place cuz:
1) I'm doing quite well in academics.
2) I have good friends, if not great friends which was evident on my birthday!
3)There are two TVs in the hostel now...hehe
4)I have a laptop.
5)Our section always gets the best teachers...well, not always, but mostly!
6)I am just two steps away from home.

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