Thursday, June 25, 2009

My favorite city in the whole world has turned quite the opposite!

Kolkata or Calcutta (as the British named it) was the best city in the whole wide world for me (now it's Paris). Now it's the worst. The population tests your degree of irascibility, the pollution annoys you and the heat drives you crazy.

When I went there this time to see my ailing and bedridden grandmother; the temperature, the humidity, the brightness of sun transformed me into "Smoked Shreya". The traffic seemed to be not too much this time (Wonder why?), so, that was something positive. Two other good things were the shopping and the Biryani(which was too much for a small girl like me).

Next time you go there make sure to take at least:
1)A pair of shades
2)A dozen handkerchiefs
3) An umbrella
4) and barrels of water for the purpose of drinking AND bathing ( 'cause you never know about the water situation in Kolkata and bathing thrice a day is a minimal requirement)

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