Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FooD 4 THouGHt

Maybe I always seem hungry. Maybe you'll call me a glutton when you come across me. Maybe you think I'm addicted to food-related shows on television. But can't just my interest lie in food?

Everyone has their own line on interest. Some are inclined in enlightening themselves about flowers, some birds and some insects. Some are shopaholic, some workaholic, some alcoholic and, well, some "me-o-holic"(narcissist in proper English).

I simply love food, no, adore it. Well, there are things I hate which normal people like e.g. "Dheki Shaak", "Baingan ka bharta", toast and jam, Chhurpi, etc. Also, there are things that I like and other people don't e.g. Shukto, tofu, chillies, etc. But, well, who doesn't like chowmeins and biryanis and ice-creams and kebabs and tandooris and the list goes on?

The last Sunday itself I spent one hour watching a cookery show in the morning, then I watched a programme called "In high spirits" where they teach you how to prepare mocktails and cocktails and the like. Then I sat down and wrote two recipies from the newspaper for my mother. Then I browsed through three cookbooks and asked my mom to make 50 dishes despite the fact that I myself am idol 24X7, old enough to cook (and to vote though my folks don't get me a voter's id) and in dire needs of a job in case I don't get into any college. In the evening, again, I watched Planet Food in Discovery Travel & Living for an hour. They were showing Malaysian cuisine n saying "hmmm, it's delicious" after tasting every item. Trust me, Malaysian food is nowhere near "Hmmm, it's delicious." At a point of time, the hostess of the show was so nauseated by a dessert containing ice-cream and kidney beans and 21 other things; that she threw it away in the first chance she got.

Well, I can't write anymore. I have to go and watch this cookery show called "Rasm-e-rasoi"!! *high-pitched goofy laughter*

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