Friday, June 12, 2009

Carelessness has a limit!

Am I born careless? Or is it unadulterated clumsiness?Or is it just my luck? You can't imagine the number of things I've lost, broken, forgotten about or not payed heed to in the past few months.

Let's start with the day when the most important examinations of my life began.

On the day of my 1st CBSE exam, I arrive fully prepared with five gel pens and then, someone suddenly says, "Hey, didn't you know? Gel pens aren't allowed. It's strictly necessary to write with dot pens." So, the quest for dot pens begins. Luckily, Dr. Sasmal has 10 and hands me one. So, thankfully I'm out of the soup.

A month later, I go to Hong Kong Market (the most popular "flea market" in Siliguri) and with zest and zeal, I buy a reasonably good-looking watch worth 70 bucks only and bring it home, excited. I try to wear it, the band breaks!!

A day later, our maid says after returning from the bazaar. "Ninni, cycle khoi? Chhaina ta tala!! Taalaa maatra jhoondi raheko cha! (Ninni, where's your cycle? It's not down stairs. Only the lock is dangling.)" What else? Someone's stolen it.

Few days later, I'm in Malaysia. I'm sweeping my bed with a broom, the handle comes off!
I buy my first proper pair of shades from Metrojaya. The next day, I put them on, pose and have a few pictures taken. We have a journey ahead the same day. We're travelling in the hired car at a speed of 120 kmph. The car stops after a while for we need to take a "pee-break". I get back to the car, sit on the seat not realizing that I'm sitting on my shades. There's a "crack" noise and my prized possession breaks (*sob*).

A week later we go for a holiday in the Taman Negara forests. We reach home after a tiresome weekend of tarantulas and glowing mushrooms and canopy walks. As I'm about to take off my Rs. 3000/- worth Swatch watch from Switzerland, the string holding the beads of the watch breaks. There goes my favorite watch.

5 days pass without any significant mishap from my side. We visit Penang on Friday. We stop to visit the Botanical Gardens which is a pretty pretty-looking place. We take loads of photographs and return back to the car. As I open the door, there's a "cling" sound and I think that I've broken a part of the vehicle. But it actually happens to be a knob of the camera which has come off in my attempt to open the door of the car with great force. I stick out my tongue and get shouted at.

Well, this is me. Some call me clumsy, some careless! But I guess, it's just my luck.

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  1. see. how well you can write. Congratulations and may this be only the first step of the best blog of all!