Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ten Terribly Tiny Tales - Part 3

'Bibliophile' she called herself,
while she binge-watched YouTube videos,
and her Kindle accumulated rust,
and her books accumulated dust.

Crossing paths, they inadvertently glanced at each other,
Quickly looked away, each heading their way,
Both thought, "We were best friends when we were children."

"You seem chirpy today", suggested his co-worker.
Devoid of an explanation, he smiled harder.
After all, you don't need a reason to be happy,
All you need is a sugar rush.

The cobbler studied her favorite pink shoes and exclaimed,
"You'd rather buy a new one than mend it."
Disappointed, she recalled having bought it with her first salary,
Like people, some materialistic treasures cannot be replaced.

Sinful desserts? Meaty extravaganzas?
Greasy snacks? Spicy condiments? Mid-meal munch-ons?
Her heart says YES, but her colon says NO!

Their dietary choices: regional,
Their music preferences: cultural,
Their belief on God: communal,
Their sports team: national.

"Why does the cuckoo drop its eggs on other birds' nests?", asked the student.
"It'd rather have her young ones learn survival on their own", answered the teacher,
Missing her son who was in boarding school.

As he played his guitar on the verandah,
He heard a distant hum,
Little did he know that two years down the line,
The hummer would be his companion for life.

Not only does Ram return from exile,
The sweets come back too.
The diabetic's eyes light up then,
Just like the streets during the impending Diwali.

"Chivalry isn't dead, is it?",
said the boy on their first date, as he offered to cover for both.
"Vanity isn't dead, is it?",
said the girl, as she paid him her share.

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  1. Superb. Maybe you should be taking this aspect of your talent more seriously.