Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mentality bites

Money can buy education but it cannot buy knowledge, and it certainly cannot buy awareness, which is clear from the employees in government offices in West Bengal and also in the general public here. My own friends litter the streets of Kolkata, proudly proclaiming that "everybody does it". No amount of coaxing or chiding gets into their heads. They, being future electrical engineers, leave the fan and light on in every room they vacate. The mobile phone is disconnected from the charger but the switch is never off. And, oh, their attitude towards work, MARVELLOUS!! "Not today, let's do it tomorrow!", they say because they don't"feel like it".

As for the working class here, you cannot even imagine how laidback, unprofessional and unserious they are (most of them). The excuses they give for not moving forward are unnerving. 'Today our far-off relative died.' 'Today my dog got diarrhoea.' 'Today my hand is aching.' etc. etc. I am so so frustrated with the mentality of such people. I hope this is over soon.


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