Thursday, June 17, 2010


Photography is not just an interest, it is a skill. Not everyone is blessed with it. Fortunately, I am, to an extent and that is why I like it. Whenever I get hold of a camera, I feel like clicking away. Photographs not only capture objects, places and people; it captures thousand and one memories. It captures people’s souls. It creates nostalgia, after years of having been to a lovely place or having clicked a snap with your then best friend. That is why I like it even more. And the most important reason for me loving photography is that I’m not photogenic, so I like to click others’ photographs but don’t line it have my picture taken.

It’s become a hobby lately, since my parents bought me a new camera and I love it. Photo-editing may sound more interesting, but photography is more thrilling. Therefore I have vowed to keep clicking until and unless the camera stops functioning. Photography is my passion!

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