Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ten Terribly Tiny Tales (Oscars 2017 Special)

Just like the Bollywood moms,
She could sense her son's arrival,
But she wasn't the only one,
The lamp at the next door neighbours' flickered,
Their daughter knew as well.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them
Pangolins, wild boars and giant lizards cohabited with humans,
"But, how? It's such a populated city", the foreigner exclaimed.
"Indeed it is", said the local guide,
As she showed around to people fantastic beasts and where to find them.

Train on the track, electrical fences,
A heartless poacher, his hunt commences,
So many elephant deaths, the situation tenses.

Hell or high water
Numbers were never his forte,
He was more interested in chemistry,
Come hell or high water,
He would win the maths teacher's heart.

Hidden Figures
Her back felt heavy,
And the weighing scale showed a tremendously high value,
The mirror told a different story,
Those hidden figures, only visible through reflection,
Perched on each shoulder, smiled back.

La La Land
In Sikkim, they used to say, "La La" when they meant "OK",
In Singapore they convince me about things saying,
"I wasn't late, my watch was slow la!" or
"You don't look fat, just eat la!"
It's fate to be dwelling in La La Lands for me.

The wife took 'pride' in the fact that
Her husband's 'mane' goal was to help people in danger,
He was just a regular guy, a life guard,
But, for her, he was a king, as brave as a lion.

They met at a food fair,
She in her mid 40s and he in his early 20s,
United by the same passion,
Loving knew no boundaries, neither of age nor cuisine!

"Conspiracy theories are for losers", said his friends,
When he told them what he thought he was.
On a lonely night, when he stepped out under the moonlight,
He felt his body change, and heard himself howl.

One was late for his namaaz,
One held on to his cross, as the vehicle swerved,
One was lost in thoughts as to what she'll wear for the Puja,
A shared taxi cab, all of them were passengers.